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So you think you've got what it takes?

Modelling is a highly competitive industry. You not only need to look great, you must also be extremely motivated and professional with a good attitude and a great personality. If you want to be a model because you think it is all glamour and parties then this is not the right job for you!


The truth is modelling is a very tough business. Expect to be rejected for most of the jobs you go for and expect to work hard with early morning starts and late night finishes. If all this has not put you off modelling, you can apply to join GREY by completing the form opposite. To add photographs to your application click the button. Please submit a natural shot! No filters / Minimal make-up / No Selfies please!.

Please note, we are very selective and only offer representation to people we feel could make a career out of modelling in such a competitive sector, so please do not be disillusioned if we do not sign you up! 

Applications are currently closed while we deal with our backlog.


Please do not apply using our other contact emails as your application will be deleted.

check back soon for when applications reopen.