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Frances Dunscombe


Frances has been written about across the press but only either in relation to her joining Grey model agency (and becoming a model) aged 82. Her first commission was for Prada with Hunger magazine swiftly followed by a booking for London Fashion Week 2015 walking for Chinese designer Youjai Jin and a collection inspired by the designer's relationship with her own mother to create styles to suit all ages. Frances was the oldest model to walk LFW that year attracting press coverage around the world from China, Australia, Brazil and Italy.



Since then Frances posed nude for photographer Josh Redman with her image going on to win the John Kobal Photography Award and National Portrait Gallery's peoples choice award that year. Having conducted various interviews for BBC Radio 5 Live,alongside Tessa Sanderson CBE with Sir Martyn Lewis, a behind the scenes interview with The One Show on three generations of fashion for 100 years of Vogue with her daughter Tineka and Grand-daughter Sophie. Frances was then featured in the Secrets of Growing Old documentary on becoming a model age 82. Youtube star, Emily Hartridge, took advise for Frances on becoming 30 for her Channel 4 show "Oh Shit I'm 30 before scooping the front cover of Harper's Bazaar UK with Jan de Villeneuve.


Other commissions have included the 14 page spread on lingerie for Impression Magazine, The Violet Book, Sutent, Pfizer breast cancer awareness and Ben Mak couture collection "Age is Dead".

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